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Sunday School Ministry

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Mary Martha Class (Ladies 60+) meets in room 204 and is taught by Fransis Gregory, Marian Huskey and Nancy Stevens.  

Brian Whitmire Class (Co-ed 55+) meets in room 202 and is taught by Barry Agnew.  

Friendship Class (Co-ed 50+) meets in room 207 and is taught by David Ammons, Will Kirby, and Roy Sabean.  

Crossties class (Co-ed 50+) is taught by Peter Rothfuss.  

Fideles Class (Ladies 40+) meets in room 205 and is taught by Ann Therrell.  

 Men's Class meets in room 203 and is taught by men.

Grace Class (Co-ed 40-59) is taught by Beth Todd. 

 Fellowship Class (Co-ed 30-45) is taught by Joey Hall. 

Hope Class (Co-ed 30-39) is taught by Robby Bannister. 

Class 633 (18-29) will be taught by Warren Peden and Lee Coker.

 The Student Ministry Class is taught by Mike and Michelle Shaw.  

Preeteen (Gradeso 5 and 6) is taught by Tina Jimmerson.  

 Grades 4-5 is taught by Allison Peden and Tina Jimmerson in room 104.

 Grades 1-2 is taught by Pam Waters and Rhonda Capparelli in room 106.

 Kindergarten is taught by Barbara Lollis, Jerry Gaines, and Carol Dill in room 109.

 Ages 3-4 is taught by Violet Stephens and Judy West in the preschool area.

 Ages 1-2 is taught by Debby Folk and Joan Taylor in the preschool area.

 Birth-1 Bible Teaching for Kids in the preschool area.