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Our Vision

Mission Statement:

The mission of Northgate Baptist Church is to glorify God by equipping its members to be actively involved in the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement:

At Northgate Baptist Church, we seek to express God’s love to people through the five core functions of the church:


We envision the introduction of the people of the Greenville, South Carolina area to Jesus Christ primarily through the work of a strong Sunday School that seeks to express God's love through honest, relational evangelism.


We envision the development of our people into fully equipped servants of Christ through biblically-based discipleship training for all ages. We envision using innovative ways to encourage Bible study at church and in our homes.


We envision the development of a loving, inclusive Christian fellowship for all of our people through personal interaction with members as well as our guests. We envision a Christian fellowship that supports the other functions of the church by providing innovative opportunities for people to come together in Christian love. We deeply desire to reflect Christ's "third" great commandment that all will know us as His followers by the love we have for one another. (Jn. 13:35).


We envision helping believers to become involved in missions and service for our Savior by providing ample training for the family of Christ to express God's love in ministry to all people everywhere. We have identified youth and children's ministry as being of paramount importance and desire to create a culture that brings them to Christ and is conducive for their spiritual maturity. Our ultimate goal is for every church member to be a well-equipped minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


 We envision worship as being dynamic encounters with the living God. Since an experience with God is, by its very nature exciting and life changing, we seek to create an atmosphere through music, prayer and biblically-based preaching where everyone can respond to God's presence with genuine worship and praise. We envision worship as being a reflection of our stewardship responsibility to our gracious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We envision worship as a celebration of the giving of our time, gifts, talents, finances and even our life's breath for the glory of God.