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Baxter McGuirt

Minister of Students and Education
email: BMcGuirt

Baxter's personal ministry statement:

“It’s my great privilege to be able to serve God and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. I grew up interested in science and committed to a secular worldview. In the spring of 1998 I began to read through the gospel of John, and God began to convince me of the truths of His word and His Son. During that time my family began to attend church, and at a youth retreat that summer I committed my life to Jesus and submitted to His Lordship. As I continued to grow in my faith I was sad to see a lack of passion for Christ in many of my peers. I began to sense God calling me to help others see what I had seen. Then, in 2010, in the midst of two miscarriages, God revealed in spectacular ways his kindness and love toward us in our suffering, and I felt a strong call of God into pastoral ministry. I’m humbled and privileged to serve the church, always with the goal of helping others see the truths of God’s gospel, and to show them the grace that I have seen in the Scriptures and in my own life.”