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What We Do

The GatePost

The GatePost is Northgate's newsletter, full of information about upcoming events and activities, a note from our Pastor, and more!

Womens' Ministries


Women sharing and serving the needs of women at Northgate Baptist Church and the Community at large.


  • To provide opportunities and activities for women to develop and grow in spiritual maturity such that their daily walk with Christ will be meaningful, fulfilling, and productive.
  • To equip women with information to mentor and minister to other women within the body of Christ.
  • To assist women in determining and developing individual spiritual gifts such that women will be able to serve others inside/outside the church in Christ’s name.
  • To coordinate with Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) to provide opportunities to increase participation in Mission outreach.
  • To reach outward to the community through various activities to invite, introduce and disciple women to become part of the body of Christ.


Northgate Baptist Church members serve the church, the community, the country and the world at large.

Missions are stressed for all ages. 
Mission Friends (children, ages 3-5) meet each Wednesday evening. 
GA's (girls, ages 6-12) meet each Wednesday evening and work on projects such as The Shoe Box Ministry of Samaritan's Purse.
RA's (boys, ages 6-12) meet each Wednesday evening and work on special projects such as collection of monies for needy organizations.

Churchwide missions occur throughout the year.
Each Christmas Northgate participates in Angel Tree for prisoners' children.
FAITH teams are special groups who are trained to go into the community as witnesses for Christ.
Other missions include:
Lighthouse Ministries,
Shepherd's Gate,
Virginia Ministry,
Dot Hancock Helping Hand,
Greenville Crisis,
Habitat for Humanity,
Piedmont Women's Center,
Meyer's Center,
Prison Fellowship,
and our video ministry.
Bible Studies, conferences and social activities are available throughout the year and are announced in the Bulletin and the Gatepost.